Universal Level Controller

The Universal Level Controller (ULC) offers multistage step control for up to six stages. The ULC operates pumps, electric valves and alarm circuits. Each stage or step can be individually adjusted to open and close at the desired setpoints on either a rising or falling level or pressure. The ULC was designed to replace existing Healy-Ruff Roto-Trol, 940 or RF-2 type controllers.

The ULC is microprocessor based and can be implemented in new installations or be used to retrofit/upgrade existing stations, an analog transducer replaces the original mercury switches. Stages are then configured in the controller using setpoints based on the analog scaling of the transducer.

Two analog inputs are provided to support two separate systems and can operate independently, essentially providing two controllers in one. Any stage or output can be configured to either analog input.

Six discrete inputs are provided to inhibit its respective output. Inhibit delays and auto or manual reset are configurable through the keypad. The ULC has been designed to be flexible for multiple applications.


  • Easy to Install and Use
    • Micro-VPAC II
    • Graphic User Interface
    • 6 Digital Inputs (Inhibits)
    • 6 Digital Outputs (Stages)
    • 2 Analog Inputs
    • No External Buttons or Switches Required
    • All Field Wiring to Terminal Blocks
    • Secure Installation
    • NEMA 4X Non-metallic Enclosure
    • Windowed Front with Locking Hasp
    • Serialized UL-Label and O&M Manual
  • Typical Applications
    • Sumps
    • Reservoirs
    • Wet Wells
    • Valve Control
    • Alarming
    • Data Logging



  • Input: 120VAC @ 10A
  • Relative Humidity: 5 to 95% Non-condensing
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +50°C
  • Compliance: UL 508

Digital DC Inputs

  • No. of Inputs: 8
  • Input Voltage: 24VDC
  • Absolute Max. Voltage: 35VDC Max.
  • Input Impedance: 10 Kohm
  • OFF to ON Response: 1 ms
  • ON to OFF Response: 1 ms

Digital Relay Outputs

  • No. of Outputs: 6
  • Commons per Output: 6
  • Max. Output Current per Relay: 3A to 250VAC, resistive
  • Max. Total Output Current: 5A Continuous
  • Max. Output Voltage: 275 VAC, 30VDC
  • Max. Switched Power: 1250 VA, 150W
  • Contact Isolation to Ground: 1000VAC
  • Max. Voltage Drop at Rated Current:0.5V
  • Expected Life: No Load: 5,000,000        Rated Load: 100,000
  • Max. Switching Rate: 300 CPM at No Load        20 CPM at Rated Load
  • Type: Mechanical Contact Form A


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