Station View™ Controller

Station View™ Controller

The Station View duplex pump controller provides pump amp, pump flow, power loss, and pump HOA selector switch monitoring. The graphic backlit display offers easy navigation, intuitive set up and a real time clock. The Station View™ controller can operate with a 4-20mA submersible transducer or four float switches.

station view display

station view


  • Level monitoring
  • Flow monitoring
  • Pump flow in feet
  • Bar graph
  • Float status
  • Pump GPM

Level Sensors

  • Transducer with high and low level back up float switches
    Stop, start, lag and high level float switches


  • Pump Control and Protection:
  • Automatic pump alternation
  • Pump dry run protection
  • Pump run indication
  • Pump amp indication
  • Pump HOA switch monitoring


  • 24 hour data logging with 7 days of historical data
  • Volume pumped
  • Number of starts for each pump
  • Run time for each pump
  • Average GPM for each pump
  • Real time clock
  • Password protection
  • Alarm log
  • Level simulation


  • 10 digital inputs
  • 2 analog inputs (4-20mA)
  • 8 digital outputs (6 relay, 2 transistor)
  • 24 Vdc power, 5.2W
  • Optional battery backup


  • SCADA compatible
  • Serial port: RS 485 Modbus RTU slave
  • Optional cellular remote monitoring
  • Optional Ethernet card

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