Our commitment to customer satisfaction and superior value extends to every project we work on.

Project management is the key to any custom controls application or system integration project. Primex has developed a rigorous process management system where all projects are managed by a team of over 40 experienced engineers, multiple registered professional engineers (P.E.s), certified field technicians, programmers, and project management and contract administration professionals — all committed to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Software Configuration Standards and Conventions
Before programming each project, our software configuration standards will be reviewed with the client. Specific needs or customization requirements are identified in advance to ensure expectations for functionality and ease-of-use are met.

  • Graphical user interface standards (colors, fonts, schematics, symbols, pop-ups, trends…)
  • Navigation and display hierarchy
  • Tag name conventions
  • Alarming
  • System security and access

ICS 2008 – Project Management and Tracking
Primex has developed proprietary internal systems for tracking and managing each project. This allows all relevant information to be created, stored, and accessed, including such items as:

  • General overview (scope, contacts, key dates…)
  • Financial and budget tracking
  • Submittal drawings and documentation
  • Bills of materials
  • Interface to other internal systems (financial, sales…)

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