Controlador VPAC 15

Controlador VPAC 15

VPAC family of controllers are available as part of PRIMEX® pump controller solutions from basic pump control and standard telemetry systems, to complex custom controls, large system integration, and icontrol® .

  • Líneas arrendadas
  • Fibra óptica
  • Radio (UHF, VHF, espectro ancho)
  • Celular
  • Satélite
  • icontrol® cloud-based SCADA

VPAC controllers are the ideal solution for all types of telemetry systems and can be used as either a CTU (Master) or RTU (Remote) within the system.


Virtual Navigation keys provide easy, intuitive navigation and quick access to important control and status information.

High Resolution Graphics

The 15” VPAC has a fast, powerful logic engine, XVGA (1024×768) touchscreen and optional snap-on and remote I/O. The VPAC is compact, robust and reliable. The controller combines programming in ladder logic, operator interface, I/O and networking into an integrated, all-in-one unit.

First-Class Communications

Supports HTTP web pages, FTP file transfer, Modbus/TCP Master and Modbus TCP slave, and many other standard protocols. A second Ethernet port is currently dedicated to SmartRail Ethernet I/O, a highly expandable, modular I/O system. This keeps the I/O traffic completely segregated from any SCADA, ERP or internet related traffic.Robust Construction-Constructed with an all metal chassis is typically mounted in a control panel and supports IP66 environments. For further flexibility, the VPAC features VESA mount hole pattern. This allows them to support alternative mounting methods such as wall-mounting or an articulating arm. These alternative methods may be a good choice for a VPAC control room application using remote I/O.

vpac 15


  • Rápida velocidad de escaneo con 4 veces más de memoria
  • Programación en línea
  • Ethernet dual; CAN dual
  • Puertos USB, unidades flash extraíbles, registro de datos, actualizaciones de aplicaciones, administración de recetas y más
  • Control basado en PLC de arquitectura abierta
  • Interfaz gráfica intuitiva
  • Los puertos seriales RS-2332 y RS-485 mantienen la conectividad con los dispositivos seriales existentes
  • Módulos de expansión de entrada y salida flexibles
  • Diagnósticos integrales integrados que permiten la resolución de problemas sin herramientas de diagnóstico basadas en PC
  • Toda la construcción en metal


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