PRIMEX provides a full staff of qualified service technicians experienced in process control. From system and instrumentation checkout to startup, our staff is capable of starting up a system and providing the necessary training to operators. This area of expertise consists of the following components:

  • System startup
  • Calibración de Instrumentación y Puesta en Marcha
  • Solución de Problemas del Sistema
  • System training
  • System documentation
  • Custom Service Contracts

PRIMEX performs routine services and offers ServiceFlex, an on-demand service and parts maintenance plan. These service contracts are developed to answer to the project requirements and the customers’ specific needs. PRIMEX performs these services throughout the United States.

Remote Support

PRIMEX supports all areas of expertise with continued service for our customers, ranging from instrument calibration to IT software diagnostics. PRIMEX offers remote support as part of our project support agreements, which allows the engineer to go online with the client’s facility control system and aid them in troubleshooting.

Obtain Parts Quickly

PRIMEX also stocks common parts at the factory and has strong relationships with various manufactures, allowing us to obtain critical parts quickly and depending on the circumstances parts could ship out the same day.

Technical Support

Technical Support is only a phone call away. Our in house technical support team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Our technical support has access to project documentation and programs and can assist when you need it.

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