Controller for Constant Pressure Applications

The VFDC-3000 controller is designed to operate up to 3 pumps in a constant pressure application. The controller automatically adjusts pump speed and the on and off pump sequence in response to changes in the system pressure. When used to control the system pressure, a 4-20mA pressure transmitter is connected to the input. The controller features a rotary selector knob in addition to left shift and escape push buttons for intuitive menu navigation and quick setting adjustments.

vfdc-3000 diagram



  • High visibility blue OLED display
  • Rotary/Push button for easy menu navigation and editing
  • Escape push buttons exits to main menu without saving changes
  • Back arrow steps back one menu level and changing value adjustment scale
  • (3) Green Pump Run LED indicators
  • Red LED alarm indicator
  • Fast and intuitive menu navigation and setup
  • Pump control and protection:
  • Automatic pump sequencing
  • Multiple sequencing configurations
  • Automatic pump sequencing on VFD fault
  • Indicación de funcionamiento de bombas
  • Variable speed
  • Conteos de alarma
  • Número de arranques para cada bomba
  • Tiempo de funcionamiento para cada bomba
  • Low pressure Alarm (pipe burst or run dry protection)
  • High pressure alarm and protection
  • System Fault Log
  • 4 digital inputs (low suction, high pressure, low water, setpoint pressure 2)
  • 6 configurable relay outputs
  • 1 4-20mA analog input
  • Modbus communication port



  • One, two or three pump constant pressure controller
  • Operates using 4-20mA pressure transmitter
  • Rotary selector for menu navigation
  • 2.7” blue OLED 64 x 256 pixel display


  • 7.2 x 5.3 x 2.0 inches (18.3 x 13.5 x 5.1 cm)


  • 24 VDC Class 2 (19-28 VDC, 325mA max)


  • 4 digital inputs (low suction, high pressure, low water, setpoint pressure 2)
  • 6 relay outputs (configurable, 30 VAC/DC, 3A Max.)
  • 1 analog input (4-20mA, 14 bit resolution, non isolated)


  • Dedicated communication port for Mitsubishi VFD control


  • Operational temperature 32 – 122º F (0 – 50º C)

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