Project Feature: Baja California Sur, Mexico

julian and rodrigo with the marina officers

In late November, Julian Atchia (Vice President of Research & Development) and Rodrigo Erazo (Latin America Sales Manager) visited a customer in Baja California Sur, Mexico. They made several site visits to Oscar from Hydrocalsan to see how our new Endura™ Pressure Booster Control Panels were performing in the field.

One of the more interesting sites they visited was the Marina Station near San Jose del Cabo. The “Marina” is a branch of the Mexican Navy assigned to help the Federal Police in their fight against drug lords.

The installation there is a triplex pressure booster pump system being fed by a large holding tank. The pumps deliver constant clean water pressure to supply the base. Our control system performed very well, and the soldiers were happy with the good water pressure in the barracks, kitchen and workshop.

This base is in a semi-arid climate where water is scarce, so managing it well is critical to their operation. This is just another great example of our equipment having a positive impact on the lives of people around the globe.

rodrigo and julian with the customer setting up the panel julian and rodrigo with the marina officers