September 3, 2019

SJE hosts Latin America training

On August 19, SJE hosted international training with attendees from Latin America. This product training gave Spanish-speaking attendees the opportunity to learn about SJE products in a hands-on environment and to get a better perspective of SJE.

“My favorite part of the training is the cultural exchange. Also, the customers sharing their field experiences with the SJE control panels and components,” said William Gonzalez, the design engineer on the Spanish team.

Attendees arrived in Detroit Lakes on Sunday and spent time at the SJE headquarters there. They toured the facility and went through product training. Topics covered included SJE Rhombus standard products, PRIMEX custom panels, VFDs and the PRIMEX Pump Watch Remote Monitoring System. Sessions were all held in Spanish.

“I hope that our distributors have obtained the greatest possible learning of everything that SJE Rhombus and PRIMEX manufacture,” said Marieangie Escobar, international customer service representative. “But above all, I hope they know that they can always count on our support.”

On Wednesday, they travelled to Minneapolis to tour SJE’s New Hope and Plymouth facilities. They also got the opportunity to attend a Twins baseball game and visit the Mall of America.

This year there were 18 attendees from many Latin American countries, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Guatemala, Colombia and Nicaragua.