Michigan Department of Transportation


One key priority for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is to enhance the safety of all drivers by preventing freeways from flooding during rain and snowstorms. To do this, there are 160 lift stations underground that are designed to take water that flows in from road sewers and then pump that water into nearby rivers.

Starting in 2018, MDOT updated 98 of the pump stations with new technology to ensure that the pumps not only work 24/7, but also continuously monitor all the critical station information to ensure that the pumps are working properly and if they are not, will immediately notify work crews.


The project had locations throughout the state of Michigan, but since the city of Detroit has 140 of the 160 lift stations, much of the work was concentrated on the interstates in and around Detroit.


As part of this project, MDOT decided that 98 stations needed to have the Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) replaced to better measure and report the amounts of water being pumped and to keep the roads safe. PRIMEX was selected as a critical supplier for this project, beginning in June of 2018 and ending in June of 2019.

PRIMEX built the RTU’s and delivered them based on the specific timing the general contractor specified, which included shipping 5 panels a week for a period of 18 weeks, utilizing multiple locations. Included in the build out was integration of the MultiSmart Controller, cell modem, all wiring, relays and time delay relays to manage the backup float control, phase monitor and emergency stop. As part of our standard testing procedures, PRIMEX configured all the programmable devices per customer preferences so a complete operational panel test could be completed prior to shipment.

As the project progressed, site conditions changed, and design modification requirements were handled through our internal Project Management team which allowed PRIMEX to remain flexible while still meeting the contractors overall timeline


PRIMEX was able to adapt to requests from MDOT and the general contractor as the project continued and meet key deadlines. We were able to help keep the project on schedule due to our ability to build multiple panels in our multiple plant locations.


Michigan Dept. of Transportation

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June 2018 – June 2019


Tim Bartholomew, Project Manager


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