Fond Du Lac Water Pollution Control Plant


The city of Fond du Lac, WI needed to expand its Water Pollution Control Plant so that every day the wastewater treatment plant could treat approximately 7-8 million gallons of wastewater in order to protect public health and the environment.

In 2005, the city conducted a $55 million expansion of its control plant. This expansion included the construction of an influent pumping station and preliminary treatment facility, primary clarifiers and much more.


The city of Fond du Lac in is eastern Wisconsin and the southern shore of Lake Winnebago. This plant treats all of Fond du Lac’s wastewater along with that of neighboring communities, approximately 65,000 residents, to prepare the water for discharge into Lake Winnebago.


As a key subcontractor, PRIMEX acted in the critical role of providing the complete integration of all facets of the wastewater treatment plant. One cohesive network allowing all devices to interact with required information was built, including a redundant Fiber Optic network ring between all buildings and within each building a copper Ethernet Network was created.

PRIMEX also integrated the Smart Motor Control Centers with all the PLC Control Panels using the above defined network to control the processes within the plant. In total there were nine PLC Control Panels provided by PRIMEX and and an additional eight vendor supplied PLC control panels.

As part of the complete integration services provided, PRIMEX was tasked with overall system documentation which included a comprehensive description of operation along with controller programming and overall system commissioning.


PRIMEX became the single sources of responsibility of all controls and instrumentation within the plant. Coordination was provided to ensure the work of all vendors was managed efficiently providing a completely integrated solution for the end user on time and within budget.


City of Fond du Lac
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Ongoing Projects


Peter Bachman, Project Manager


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  • Ingeniería
  • Programming PLC’s
  • Network Configuration Services
  • Operator Training
  • Commissioning