Eco Smart Station® Solutions

The Eco Smart Station® is housed in the innovative, multiple compartment Arc Armor® enclosure, reducing the risk of injury resulting from electric shock and exposure to arc flash. The control and power circuitry are isolated in separate compartments, thus preventing unnecessary exposure of arc flash to operators. It features the Energy View® controller powered by kW Logix® software, an energy efficient solution.

eco smart stations


The color touch screen HMI has the ability to provide level control, pump alternation, flow monitoring, data logging, alarm logging, historical trending and comes equipped with an SD memory card for data storage and download. It can connect through multiple communication streams for remote monitoring and control. The ECO SMART STATION® uses the latest technology in variable frequency drive, microprocessor-based controller, data storage and communication capabilities available. This pre-engineered system is available in 29 models from 10-100 HP. UL/cUL Listed. Patent Pending.


ZONE 1 – Service Entrance Compartment
Danger Zone: This zone contains the most dangerous arc flash potential and risk of electrical shock. Workers may require Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) when entering “Lockout/Tagout” is supported.

  • Main circuit breaker with door handle (mechanically interlocked with door)
  • Main terminal blocks
  • Lightning arrestor
  • Surge capacitor
  • Voltage and phase monitor (3 phase models only)
  • 1.5kVa control transformer
  • Power options: transfer switch, generator receptacle

ZONE 2 – MCC Compartment
Danger Zone: When Zone 1 is energized, workers cannot gain access to Zone 2, thereby reducing the accidental exposure to arc flash. There is visual indication when power is present in Zone 1. “Lockout/Tagout” is supported.

  • Square D Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) ATV61
  • Line reactors (MTE)
  • Square D circuit breakers
  • Enclosure fan cooling fans and thermostat
  • Pump lead terminal blocks (elevated and angled)
  • Pump thermal and seal monitoring leads terminal blocks
  • “Voltage present inside” indicator on door
  • Electrical door interlock. Door cannot be opened when power is on
  • Modbus communication from VFDs to controller
  • LED enclosure lights
  • Door stop

ZONE 3 – Controls Compartment
Operator Safety Zone: controls only low circuits (120V or lower), therefore, minimal PPE is required.

  • Dead front with an inner door contruction
  • Only 24 VDC and 120 VAC present
  • Energy View® controller
  • VFD keypads
  • Pump Hand/Off/Auto selector switch
  • Pump Overtemp indicator light
  • High and low float switch indicator lights
  • Alarm test push button
  • Enclosure light on/off switch
  • Utility receptacle (10A)
  • Door stop

ZONE 4 – Skirt Compartment
Gas Isolation Zone – provides gas isolation from wet well in wastewater lift station applications.

  • Provides gas isolation from wet well in lift station applications
  • Vented space for sealing cable penetrations

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