Arc Armor® Solutions

The safe, innovative, multiple compartment ARC ARMOR® System reduces the risk of injury resulting from arc flash and electric shock by limiting access to electrical equipment capable of producing arc flash incidents.

The control and power circuitry are isolated in separate compartments, where only control voltage is present (120V max), thus preventing unnecessary exposure of operators to arc flash.

With 5-10 arc flash incidents occurring per day, arc flash is a leading cause of death and burn accidents for maintenance staff when servicing electrical control panels in North America today.

On-site damages caused by arc flash incidents include: OSHA citations or fines, down time, loss of revenue and equipment damage. In worst case scenarios, arc flash may result in long term disability or even death thereby having a significant impact on the liability of the municipality. Arc flash events usually occur in less than 0.2 seconds.

What is Arc Flash?

Arc flash is an electrical explosion due to a fault condition or short circuit when either a phase to ground or phase to phase conductor is connected and current flows through the air.  Arc flashes cause electrical equipment to explode, resulting in an arc-plasma fireball.  Temperatures may exceed 35,000oF.  These high temperatures cause rapid heating of an arc blast.  The arc flash/blast will likely vaporize all solid copper conductors, produces fire, intense light, pressure waves and produces flying shrapnel.

When an arc flash happens, it does so without warning and is lightning quick.  The result of this violent event is usually destruction of the equipment involved, fire and severe injury or death to any nearby people.

Learn more about arc flash phenomena from:
Institute of Electrical  & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

arc armor



  • Reduces exposure to arc flash and arc blast with multiple compartment design and single wall construction
  • Single sheet drip cap with rolled edge drip loops on free standing models
  • 304L stainless steel construction (all mount model is also available in mild steel)
  • Electrostatically precipitated white polyester powder coating that reduces heat buildup
  • Three-point padlockable operating handles
  • Free standing, wall mount and pole mount versions available
  • NEMA 3R/4X rating available (varies by enclosure)
  • Sizes available for most any application (varies by enclosure style and options)
  • Patented enclosure design manufactured for PRIMEX by an ISO 9001 certified company

PRIMEX® can engineer a customized control solution using the Arc Armor® system to meet your individual specifications. Common applications include: Lift Stations, Booster Systems, Storm Water, Irrigation, Industrial and others.



ZONE 1 – Service Compartment

  • Danger Zone – contains the most dangerous arc flash potential and risk of electrical shock.
  • Entry is limited to authorized personnel only and proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) must be used.
  • All service entrance devices and conductors are confined to this compartment to avoid accidental contact or faults.
  • Isolated from potential corrosive gases.
  • Locker-style service entrance.

ZONE 2 – Motor Starting Compartment

  • Danger Zone – entry is limited when enerergized to service personnel with proper NFPA 70 safety gear or may be “Lockout/Tagout” protected for unrestricted access.
  • Voltage presence indicator alerts operator to high voltage danger.
  • Can be completely de-energized from line voltage.
  • Electrical interlock prevents opening door when energized.
  • Motor control devices that are full voltage rated.
  • Isolated from potential corrosive gases.

ZONE 3 – Control Compartment

  • Operator Safety Zone (120V or lower only)
  • Minimum PPE required.
  • Houses all sensitive control devices and maintains complete isolation from high energy power components.
  • Operator frequent access items (controller, switches, lights are located here.
  • System operation and low voltage troubleshooting can be accomplished while being isolated from potential arc flash risks.
  • Isolated from corrosive gases.

ZONE 4 – Skirt Compartment

  • Gas Isolation Zone – provides gas isolation from wet well in wastewater lift station applications.
  • Can be used to house the control transformer.
  • Vented space for sealing cable penetrations.


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