icontrol® Cost of Ownership / Total Value

The Best Value in Water and Wastewater Control.

With icontrol, you’ll get scalable, full-featured control without the expenses and aggravation of ownership and maintenance, resulting in significant financial and operations benefits.


  • The benefits of automation, control and remote access solutions to help you address financial, infrastructure, staffing and compliance challenges
  • A solution that fits within your operating budget while lowering your net operating expenses
  • The avoidance of large capital investments in rapidly evolving dedicated hardware and software technologies
  • To focus on the use of these technologies without the expense, staffing expertise and worry that may come with maintaining them
  • Dramatically more functionality and higher reliability than traditional dialers or basic web-monitoring products
  • Managed security and integrity of your system, programs and data and full system redundancy
  • Secure, remote access your process status, process control, alarm handling, data and reports from any standard computer
  • A system that easily expands and changes as your needs evolve
  • Service and support from an organization with nearly 80 years of water and wastewater control application experience
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