October 2, 2019

Benefits of Remote Monitoring in a Wastewater System Environment

Whether your goal is to save time, spend less money or harness the power of big data, there are many benefits of remote monitoring.

Monitoring of wastewater pumps and lift stations can be challenging. Between multiple pumps and lift stations, different operators and aging equipment, there can be a lot of factors to track. Remote monitoring and control (M&C) systems alleviate many problems associated with monitoring and offer continuous information, taking advantage of cutting-edge technology to save operators time and money.

What is remote monitoring?
Remote monitoring uses digital technologies to electronically collect information from a location and transmit it securely to a different location for assessment and recommendations.
Some remote M&C systems are designed to control large or complex facilities—such as factories, power plants, network operation centers, airports and spacecraft—with some degree of automation. They may receive data from sensors, telemetry streams, user inputs and pre-programmed procedures. However, they can also be used to monitor smaller systems.

How is it used for wastewater monitoring?
Operators can integrate the remote M&C system with their existing system. This allows them to monitor pump or lift stations from a wireless connection on a phone, desktop computer or tablet. The system provides them with real-time information about critical processes and equipment. They can track information such as the wastewater or lift station pump’s current status, number of pump cycles, operation run time hours, level of wet well, high wet well alarm, pump failures, AC power failure and more.

What are some other benefits of using M&C systems for wastewater monitoring?

  • It decreases time and money spent traveling to and from wastewater facilities
  • Easy access to a wide range of live data via the online portal
  • Helps teams stay on the same page when it comes to the latest data
  • Tracks pump cycle trends over time, giving operators a look at the bigger picture
  • Immediately notifies upon failure


Web-Based Cellular Remote Monitoring

Pump Watch™ Express is a comprehensive family of compact cellular RTUs used for monitoring pumping systems that gives users the benefits of remote monitoring. Information from your station is transmitted over a cellular network to a cloud server, where it can be viewed from any web browser using a secure login. It offers a simple, effective tool for management of multiple sites, including alarm notification, data logging, graphic system visualization and reports.


  • Li-ion backup battery for power loss detection and notification
  • SMS/email/web portal alarm notifications
  • Graphic HMI with simple and clear station status display
  • Interactive pumping station map
  • Data logging and historical trending, first year of service included
  • Optional web portal customization

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