Pump Watch™ Web-Based Cellular Remote Monitoring


Pump Watch™ is a comprehensive family of cloud-based monitoring systems designed for wastewater pump stations and multiple other applications.  The family offers a simple and effective tool for management of wastewater or water collection systems via a cellular network.

Alarms are monitored and service personnel notified in the event of failure.  Data logging and trending of critical information enables users to visually track system performance and recognize impending problems.  Station data can be seen in a simple and intuitive format from a web browser on a PC, tablet or smart phone.

  • Utilizes cellular networks (CDMA; GSM optional)
  • Alarm notifications via email and text messaging (SMS)
  • Battery backup
  • Pump Watch™ designed specifically for municipal lift stations
  • Pump Watch™ Multi designed for pumping or non-pumping applications
  • Pump Watch™ Express designed for basic monitoring of standard lift stations




Pump Watch™ New Account Setup Form

Pump Watch™ Family Brochure

Pump Watch™ Multi Data Sheet
Pump Watch™ Express Data Sheet

Pump Watch™ Express Manual

Pump Watch™ Manual

Pump Watch™ Multi Manual



Critical System Parameters
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