icontrol® Typical Applications

Water and Wastewater Solutions.  Standard or Custom Applications.
We’ve used or decades of experience to develop powerful technology platforms that enable us to provide full-featured standard packages for common water and wastewater applications, as well as completely customizable solutions for larger and more complex systems.


  • Lift stations
  • Booster stations
  • Elevated tanks
  • Ground storage/reservoirs
  • Well fields
  • Hydropneumatic tanks
  • Landfill/leachate systems
  • Monitoring and control
    • Simplex to quadplex pump circuits
  • Constant or variable speeds
  • Tank/well/wet well levels
  • Control valves
  • Generators
  • Flow meters
  • Other analog devices
  • Alarm notification – description and status
  • Alarm acknowledgement
  • Individual alarm enable/disable
  • Easy to edit call rosters
  • Alarm history and logs
  • Starts, run times, flows (today, yesterday, total)
  • Trend graphs of all analog signals
  • Standard daily and monthly reports
  • Exportable data and tables
  • Available on-line and archived
We can create the ideal custom solution for any system, no matter how complex – water or wastewater treatment plants and processes, RTUs spread across hundreds of miles, access to multiple locations via one site.  In addition to control and SCADA, we also offer custom reporting and data analysis, electronic report filing and asset management solutions.
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