331-SV Pump Control Panel

3 Phase, 3 Voltages, 1 Panel

The 331-SV pump control panel is designed to be simple, yet versatile for all standard duplex applications. One panel covers three phase, three voltages for an unbelievable value. It operates with floats, a level transducer or both! “Fit and Click” the appropriate overload modules into the starter and you are off and running.

The 331-SV control panel features the Station View™ controller which is simple to operate with an intuitive menu and clear graphics display.



  • Padlockable wall mount NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure
  • Single-point power connection
  • IEC HP rated motor starter with adjustable “Fit and Click” overload modules
  • 10HP max @ 208V, 240V; 20HP max @ 480V
  • Class 10 ambient compensated overload relay
  • Pump short circuit disconnect/overload reset accessible through inner door
  • Tri-voltage step-down control transformer
  • Separate alarm/control fuses
  • Override circuit to operate lag pump if lead float fails
  • Station View™ controller
  • Pump run lights
  • Hand-Off-Auto switches
  • Optional Level Sensor Kits
    • Submersible level transducer with (2) backup floats, 50 ft. cables
    • (4) Mechanical floats with cable weights, 50 ft. cables


  • 1033805 1.25 – 5.0 FLA
  • 1023500 4.5 – 18.0 FLA
  • 1033806 8.0 – 32.0 FLA

*Overload Modules sold separately; each panel requires two modules; select modules based on motor FLA.

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