Primex’s water control solutions can be used to minimize water costs and efficiently distribute water in the agriculture and irrigation markets.

Delivering large volumes of water efficiently is critical to the agriculture and irrigation markets. Extended downtime can cost business owners and their customers’ money. In addition, protecting the public drinking water supply from fertilizers and pesticides is essential. Recent installations include:

  • Florida Bass Conservation Center
  • Wild Rose Fish Hatchery
  • Cleghorn Springs Fish Hatchery
  • Lake Mead State Fish Hatchery
  • East Texas Fish Hatchery
  • Golf Courses
  • Dairy farms

Our Automation Capabilities include:

  • Motor Control Centers
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Reduced Voltage Starters
  • Service Entrance Rating
  • Fail Safe Alarms
  • PLC and SCADA Systems
  • Dedicated Function Controllers
  • Operator Interface Terminals
  • Remote Monitoring/Telemetry
  • Alarm Notification Systems
  • Multiple Pump Control
  • User Specified Components
  • Instrumentation

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