PC-2000 Controller

PC-2000 Controller

The model PC-2000 is a float switch based dual pump controller intended primarily for wastewater lift stations and other pump down applications. It has inputs for five normally open float switches and sensor inputs for the seal fail and temperature fail sensors normally found in submersible pumps. The controller has indicator lamps and test push button switches on each of the float inputs as well as an indicator which illuminates if the floats do not close in the correct order. The controller has built in alternation and a three position switch to select automatic alternation or to select between pump 1 and pump 2 if alternation is off. The controller has disable inputs for each of the pumps. The controller has built in support for an alarm horn with inputs for an external mute button and also a mute button on the controller front panel. There are two alarm outputs. One for the high alarm and one for the low alarm. These output relays can be set up to cycle on and off during an alarm to support a blinking panel alarm light. The controller has five output relays. Two are for the two pumps, one each for the high and low level alarms, and one to drive the horn. The controller has indicator lights and external relay drivers for the following conditions (floats out of sequence, seal fail for pumps 1and 2, temperature fail for pumps 1 and 2, pump disabled for pumps 1 and 2).

pc 2000


  • Duplex pump applications
  • Power input: fused and transient protected
  • Float inputs (5): 5VDC @ 26mA max.
  • Float and sensor inputs transient protected
  • Pump run indicator lights
  • Pump alternation switch
  • Pump seal fail inputs with indicator lights
  • Pump over temperature inputs with automatic disable and indicator lights
  • Switch selectable for latch to requires manual reset
  • Output for flashing alarm light
  • Relay output for alarm horn with mute reset for common alarm
  • High level alarm indicator light
  • Low level alarm indicator light
  • “Push-to-Test” float switches with indicator lights
  • “Float “Out-of-Order” detection with indicator lights
  • “Fail-to-Start” test (switch selectable enable/disable)
  • Pump disable inputs (can be used for SCADA, etc.)
  • Optional serial port for communication Modbus
  • Built-in delay for pump starts and pump stops
  • Automatically demote pump with seal fail condition to lag pump
  • Removable “quick connect” terminal strips for easy service


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