PC-1000 Controller

PC-1000 Controller

The model PC-1000 is a fl oat switch based duplex pump controller intended primarily for wastewater lift station and other pump down applications. It includes sensor inputs for the seal fail and temperature fail sensors for most submersible pumps. It connects to four switches to measure the tank level and has out puts to control two pumps, an alarm horn, a seal fail light, and a high alarm light. It has built in HOA [hand-off-auto] switches, and pump running lights. A lead pump selector switch permits either pump to be selected as lead pump or alternation can be selected causing the pumps to alternate as lead. The PC-1000 uses removable terminal strips to make replacement in the fi eld quick and easy. With the addition of an enclosure, circuit breakers, and motor starters, the PC-1000 makes a complete low cost lift station controller.

pc 1000


  • Duplex pump controller
  • Power input: fused and transient protected
  • Float inputs (4): 5VDC @ 1mA max.
  • Float and sensor inputs transient protected
  • Pump run indicator lights
  • Pump call indicator lights
  • Hand/Off/Auto switches
  • Pump seal fail input with indicator lights
  • Pump over temperature inputs with automatic disable and indicator lights
  • High level alarm indicator light
  • Alarm test push button
  • Pump alternation selector switch
  • Removable “quick connect” terminal strips for easy service
  • Automatically demote pump with seal fail condition to lag pump
  • Built-in delay for pump starts and pump stops
  • Output for flashing alarm light


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