Float-Pak Controller

Float-Pak Controller

Setting the standard for float-based pump control, the Float-Pak’s simple design and status indication has set the industry standard for float control and is installed on thousands of pump stations. The many features allow you to simplify your operation, increase your reliability and receive the meaningful, easy to use information about your system’s status.

float pak


  • Simplex or duplex operation
  • Pump “in” or pump “out” applications
  • Adjustable lead and lag start delays
  • Short cycle prevention
  • 2-pump alternator with selector switch
    • 1-2
    • Auto
    • 2-1
  • Float inputs (intrinsically safe)
    • High Level and Low Level Alarm
      • “Fail Safe” Normally Closed or Normally Open
    • Start lag pump
    • Start lead pump
    • Common pump
  • Common audible alarm output with silenced
    • Float status
    • High level alarm
    • Low level alarm
    • Pumps 1 and 2 called
    • Alternator status
  • Alarm outputs
    • High level
    • Low level
  • Remote Float-Pak test panel (optional)
    • Status lights
    • Simulation switches
    • Sequence selector


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